Why ERG's QR Payments

ERG’s QR payment solution is a mobile push payment platform from ERG that allows customers to send you payments directly from their system balance or available balance accounts using just their phone.

There's a simpler way to accept mobile payments

Simple for you

Easy to set up and use. All you need is a mobile phone and there are no settlement costs.

Simple for customers

Acess their accounts directly so they can easily "push" payments to you using their mobile phone.

Simple for business

Get instant payment notifications and immediate acess to funds to track sales and improve flow management.

Here's how ERG's QR payment solution works

QR code

Display the ERG Scanner and your QR code and ERG merchant ID at the point of sale or create a code for each transaction.


Ask your customer to scan the code and enter the purchase amount if necessary.


Once you both confirm the transaction, that's it! The funds go directly into your account.

Enjoy the benefits of mobile acceptance

Fewer missed sales

Customers can pay you anytime, anywhere with no need for cash

Faster transactions

ERG's QR payment solution helps customer checkout quick and easy

Simple setup

Start accepting mobile payments within hours

Direct payments

No need to visit a bank or transfer money

Peace of mind

Payments go straight into your account keeping you safer from fraud and theft

Cash flow efficiency

Access transaction history with just a few taps to manage cash flow with ease