A Innovative Blockchain 4.0 Platform for the Smart Community


ERG CHAIN technology pushes traditional blockchain beyond its current limits, by en- hancing the data layer through self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to another by symbolic links. This technology set the foundations for a decentralized and distributed system of coher-ent self-verifying transactions: ERG CHAIN Blockchain.

ERGCHAIN is an evolved blockchain technology, offering unique features to overcome the previously analyzed inconveniences, with a set a crypto validation and distribution techniques fit for every environment: Administrative, Industrial, Financial and Governmental.



ERG LAB ERG SUPERVISORS An launcher platform for influencers. Get paid when becoming a “Blogger” or “Vlogger”.

With this platform, ERG community will have a chance to earn profit with company by sharing the Ad revenue with company. Each post or videos get lots of followers and readers will be paid an amount of commision.


Smart AI system collect Big Data In the upcoming near future ERG will have lots of community worldwide

With ERG CHAIN technology from ERG Lab, ERG smart AI BOT will collect big data from community to recommend the best service to serve the community. In addition, company also use this big data to cooperate with lots of companies in the world for marketing strategies


100% Transparency

The ERG investor and the ERG community will be able to access and view the financial statements of the company. Every business activities from advertising, gaming, AI Bot trading, Application Consulting,…will be public 100% with one click.


In 2020, ERG will announce the INTERNAL EXCHANGE and during this time we also announce the ERG INTERNAL STOCKS

Internal Stocks and internal exchanges will help the ERG community own the benefits of ERG Group and benefit from the business results of ERG, in addition internal exchanges will help the ERG community easily exchanging ERG shares among ERG Community.


Eagle Rock Global NETWORK

The world of sharing is growing very strong and fast, ERG NETWORK will born with the desire to be a place to exchange, share, train and cultivate bloggers and vloggers in the world.. A place to connect people..

Eagle Rock Global SUPERVISOR

ERG SUPERVISOR born with the desire to make all company activities transparent towards issuing internal shares of the company. The corporation has created a tool to help track the business statement and business situation indicators in the fields..

Eagle Rock Global LAB

The BIG DATA concept is developing rapidly in recent years, the importance of data information systems is enormous. ERG Group deploys ERG LAB research system with the purpose of using AI Bot in researching Big Data from the..

New Ecosystems

Eagle Rock Global: New ecosystems are developed based on blockchain 4.0 Eagle Rock Global is thriving in the world with its foundations. Besides the nine existing and developing ecosystems of ERG Group. They are building a new platform..